For any tourist in North Carolina, Hampstead is one of the areas that should be a must-visit. Hampstead is inland of Topsail Island and north of Wilmington. The area is worth your visit with its convenient access to waterways, lush golf courses, closeness to various local beaches, and proximity to Wilmington city. Spending some time in Hampstead exudes the relaxing feeling of staying in a rural or small town. What makes it unique is the accessibility of all the necessary amenities due to its proximity to a city.

One of the best tourist attractions around the area is Topsail Beach. The beach is family-oriented, given the area’s population of less than 1000 and its quiet and serene nature. The authorities restrict any form of high-rise development in the area and encourage conservations. As a result of this policy, Topsail boasts of beautiful shorelines and perfect beaches for the locals and tourists to enjoy.

If you enjoy relaxing under breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, you have to visit the Topsail Beach area. The beach also offers beautiful unending panoramic views that would be a sight to behold for you and your family. You will meet a welcoming community that always treats visitors well to Topsail’s serene seaside surroundings. Quaint restaurants and other local businesses are also available in the area for you to enjoy, alongside the authentic beach experience.

Other tourist recommendations in the area include the boat launch, local marina, and the fishing pier. The place also has a sea turtle rescue and a rehabilitation center, which should be a must-see if you are visiting the Hampstead and Topsail for the first time. Another attraction worthy of your attention is the Missiles and More Museum. This site represents Topsail Island’s main source of its military history. It has many exhibits that tell the story of the region. There are many attractions to marvel at when you get to Hampstead, NC, and the Topsail Beach area.