Holly Ridge NC is a town at the intersection of Highways 50 and 17 in North Carolina. The town is also 12 miles north of Hampstead. People refer to this town as the gateway to Topsail Island beaches. Holly Ridge promises its visitors as well as the locals a beautiful coastal setting with many recreational and sporting activities at their disposal. The locals are quite welcoming making an excellent destination for one of your vacations. In addition, like most small towns, Holly Ridge exudes a charm that is always a welcoming factor for tourists from other places. It is peaceful and this factor coupled with the ever-friendly locals, always makes visitors feel at home within a short time.

The small town boasts of a rich history in fishing and farming with some association with the military. Holly Ridge is home to the historic Camp Davis, which is famous for housing the maiden Barrage Balloon Center. The camp came into existence in 1940 and is responsible for the sudden population rise within a three-year period between 1940 and 1943. Holly Ridge saw its population explode from 28 to a high of 110000 during this short period. Camp Davis also boasts of being the only army post with barrage balloon and coastal antiaircraft defense under a single command. The camps also served as the base of the 1946 Operation Bumblebee by the Navy. The operation was an under the wraps missile testing program.

Holly Ridge has a small population of just over a thousand people. After serving its role as an important military base, the town started setting itself as the Treasure Coast’s gateway. As a result, visitors keep on streaming into Holly Ridge to explore its wonders. It remains to be a convenient destination given its beautiful setting, and the charm that it is a small and quiet town.